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Skylights are functional and allow light to flood into a dull room transforming it into a modern light room and can also provide spectacular views. Skylights can be installed in the home or working commercial environments.


Skylights provide an effective route to natural daylight and can also be a source of ventilation. In order to gain maximum energy efficiency, control condensation, solar heat and reduce internal heat loss the most effective solutions is to install double glazing with a low emissivity coating. The double glazed unit is comprised of two glass panes sealed together, incorporating an air gap between the two. To control light transmission there is the option of tinted or reflective glass.


Skylights can be installed to both flat and pitched roofs in domed or flat shapes, with a range of opening systems:


Trickle ventilation (with louvers to allow natural airflow)

Hinged ventilation (hinges open on one end either manually or electronically)

Sliding open (sits flush on a runner system and slides horizontally)

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Glass Roof Systems


Abbey Glass Ltd can design, manufacture and install a large range of Aluminium and glass roof systems from traditional style and bespoke. Toughened single or double glazed using the latest in self cleaning technology and solar control to meet building regulations.

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